Snowflake Diamond Engagement Ring

Sketching the Ring:

This ring evolved from a request for a classic, dainty ring with lots of sparkle and a contemporary twist. A lot of sketching ensued and I eventually narrowed it down to an asymmetric, cluster style ring using a mixture of diamond shapes. I love pear shaped stones, so being able to use a few of those was a bonus:


My very accommodating customer gave me free rein to chose the diamonds themselves and I found a beautiful, clear D colour stone for the centre. I matched the outer stones to this for a unified feel and set to work drawing the final design up in CAD.

Making the Ring:

With the ring rendered fully on a computer I printed it in casting resin, a process which allows a 3D printed piece to be put through traditional lost wax casting production. The result was a perfect replica of my original drawing, cast in platinum. I checked it for size (as shrinkage occurs during the casting process) and stretched it a little to make it a size I.

The 3D printing and casting process left a rough texture on the surface of the ring so I filed and sanded it gently, removing marks and smoothing out the profile of the knife edged section on the band of the ring. After that I polished the whole piece, bringing the platinum up to a bright shine:

Finished Ring:

Fully set the final ring is pretty stunning and has a beautiful, delicate sparkle. The polished platinum sets off the diamonds beautifully and the asymmetric layout of stones really works. This ring has now gone off to it’s new home:

Snowflakes! Snowflakes in August!

Snowflake master patterns

The saga of the snowflake continues. I designed these lying in the garden last July with the intention of having them ready for Christmas 2009. That never came to pass …

So I finally got my act together and protoyped them back in January. I  got my master pattern and first mini batch of castings back from my caster just before I headed up to Scotland. I cleaned them up yesterday and they look lovely! I’m going to write a proper post about how they were made soon (to go with a talk I’ll be doing for the Shropshire Guild’sGorgeous‘ fair in October) but for now here’s a sneaky peak:

Sanded Snowflake