There’s a specific photograph from one of my trips to the coast that epitomises my ‘Estuary’ series for me.

It’s a shot of the Dea river, up in the Wirral. I have no idea whether the tide is going in or out, but there’s a little beached rowing boat in the foreground and striped lines of light and water cover the rest of the image.

I took it when I was in art college and there’s still a copy on my workshop wall. It was the most extraordinary day, mid-February, and it had recently snowed, the snow settling on the broken up ice that the tide had fragmented and piled up along the shore. The colours on the water were wonderful, soft, frosty and mellow and that’s what I sought to capture in the etchings that I began to work on, years later and then encased in little silver pods – as windows onto the sea that you can pick up, like a pebble off the shore, and take in land for later. 

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