Becca makes Engagement Rings to commission in a wide variety of metals, working in 9ct, 14ct and 18ct white, red or yellow gold, platinum and palladium. Each Engagement Ring is individual and she enjoys working with clients to create something bespoke, just for them.

Whether you have a very clear idea of what you or your fiance would like or no idea where to start these commissions usually begin with a chat either online or in Becca’s Cornwall workshop. You’ll discuss your ideas, budget and any special features that you’d like to be included in your ring.

Becca will make some outline sketches while talking with you before drawing up fuller design ideas later. These sketches will then be sent to you with an ideas of costs and timescales for the commission.

Bespoke Engagement Rings typically require 4-6 weeks to complete so please factor this in to your planning. However it’s always worth getting in touch if you have something last minute in mind.


Becca works in many colours and carats of gold, certified Fair Trade Gold, Single Mine Origin Gold, recycled silver, platinum and palladium. The variety of materials available means that commissions can be tailored to your taste and budget and Becca will be able to discuss the options with you.

If you have items of jewellery that you would like to recycle (possibly an inherited ring that isn’t to your taste) then Becca is able to reuse both metals and stones to make a new item that retains a sentimental link.

Some examples of jewellery that Becca has remodelled are shown here.

Diamonds & Gemstones

The ethical sourcing of materials is a hot topic in the jewellery industry right now and diamonds and gemstones are becoming more traceable all the time. Becca only works with suppliers who adhere to the Kimberly Process and it’s conflict free equivalents. She also makes an effort to find suppliers who own, operate or inspect their own mines so that welfare standards are guaranteed.

Buying a diamond can feel like a bit of a minefield, there’s so much conflicting advice out there that it’s easy to get confused over your 4C’s. Becca’s happy to talk you through the options and provide guidance on where it’s best to compromise to stay within your budget.

Gemstones and diamonds can be ordered into the workshop for you to view, without obligation, until we find the perfect one for you.

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