Last Reviewed : 31.01.2020
Next Review : 31.01.2021

Policy Statement
Becca Williams recognises that discrimination and victimisation is unacceptable. It is the aim of
the business to ensure that no individual receives less favourable facilities or treatment (either
directly or indirectly) on the grounds of age, disability, gender / gender reassignment, marriage /
civil partnership, pregnancy / maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation.
This policy and the associated arrangements shall operate in accordance with statutory
requirements. In addition, full account will be taken of any guidance or Codes of Practice issued
by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, any Government Departments, and any other
statutory bodies.

The effectiveness of this policy and associated arrangements will be reviewed annually under the
direct supervision of the Business Owner.

Signed: Becca Williams
Position: Owner
Date: 31.01.2020