Bespoke Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are often overlooked during the hectic search for a venue, caterer and the perfect dress. However, the rings and the photos are probably the most long lasting things that you will buy for your wedding day so they’re worth thinking carefully about.

These small items of jewellery pack a serious sentimental punch. They can be loaded with personality or plain, simple and timeless – it’s entirely up to you.


Traditionally weddings rings have been made in yellow gold but these days there are more options out there. The rise in popularity of white gold & platinum engagement rings during the 20th Century has made ‘white’ metal wedding rings much more common. Copper rich ‘rose’ or red gold is also a colour that more and more people are choosing.

Becca works in all the major colours and carats of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. She can also supply certified Single Mine Origin and Fair Trade Gold to make rings whose materials are fully traceable, with mines which have guaranteed standards of welfare.

If you have items of jewellery that you would like to recycle (possibly an inherited wedding ring that isn’t to your taste) then Becca is able to re-use the metal, melting it own in her workshop and re-forming it to maintain a sentimental link. The vast majority of hallmarked metal is suitable for re-use but if you’re not sure that what you have is suitable then please get in touch for a chat about it.

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