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Centrepiece 2012

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Today I set my work up at Birmingham’s annual selling exhibition of contemporary jewellery and silverware. Centrepiece, now in it’s 15th year is a showcase for some of the best makers in the Jewellery Quarter and well worth a visit (though I say so myself …)

This year some new and guest designers have joined the show bringing in ideas about ethical gold, recycled work and some inventive use of new technologies. Here are a few of the highlights:

and a sneaky peak at what’s in my cabinet:

The show is open from Thursday 15th November until Sunday 23rd December from 10.30am – 8.30pm (or later) everyday and is staffed by the designers – so you just might be buying work straight from the hands that made it!


  1. silver price

    The Edinburgh exhibition was one of the first contemporary jewellery shows that I ever attended, having stumbled upon it by accident while visiting the Traverse Theatre . I hadn’t really made up my mind about studying Jewellery back then, I was still awaiting my A Level results, and it really helped me to see art as a valuable career. So it’s got a bit of a special place in my heart and I always look forward to it and end up regretting that I don’t have more spending money!