Carbon Gallery

Carbon Gallery, on Penryn High Street, is home to jeweller Becca Williams and pencil artist Craig Ledger.

Becca is a goldsmith and Craig is an artist working primarily in pencil. Carbon is the place where their interests and mediums intersect.

Opening May 2021

Visit the gallery in person here.

Craig Ledger

Pencil Artist

Craig was born in Solihull and grew up in Birmingham. Drawing was the thing from day one, but as the years ticked by his dedication waned. Towards the end of his teens art took a back seat to university and aiming for a career in the city.

Fast forward 10 years and he’s worked out what’s important. He now lives a quiet life in the Cornish countryside and is getting back on track with drawing.

He specialises in detailed, hand drawn pencil portraits.

Becca Williams


Becca makes jewellery inspired by the natural world, talks to her radio and drinks a lot of tea. Her work tends to be simple and sculptural, blending subtle curves to create balance.

She works in silver, gold, platinum & palladium. More and more she’s also remodelling existing jewellery, recycling materials and stones to create new pieces.

Becca works to commission, supplies a couple of galleries and exhibits her work nationally. She’s most at home when she’s in her apron, covered in a layer of metal dust.

View more of Becca’s work here