All Change: Relocation Plans

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With the turn of a fresh, new year it’s time to announce my big plans for 2018:


At the beginning of March 2018 I’ll be closing my workshop in the¬†Jewellery Quarter and moving my business to the Cornish seaside. I’ll re-open in a brand new studio near Falmouth sometime in April, before properly introducing myself to the South West at the Contemporary Craft Festival, in June.

Moving is a¬†change that I’ve thought about and talked about for a long time, much of my work is inspired by the coastal landscape and so it makes sense to work surrounded by that environment. I’m really excited for this new chapter in my working life and the prospect of such easy access to the sea!

I still plan to run wedding rings workshops, attend shows and, of course, take on commissions but there will be a short gap in proceedings while I move all of my tools. Look out for further updates as I clean out and pack up the current workshop.


Inherited Pearl Ring

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This ring began when a client brought me a row of pearls that she’d inherited. I work with pearls a lot, I trained as pearl stringer after university and so I have a good understanding of them and an appreciation for their qualities.

The main issue with any pearl taken from a row of pearls is that it has a hole drilled all the way through it. This usually makes it unsuitable for setting into rings or studs, as you’re restricted by the visibility of the hole.

However, this client wanted a ring to allow her to keep one of the inherited pearls close to her and after a little thought we came up with a design that would allow this.


Her saltwater pearls are a wonderfully warm, creamy colour so while the bulk of the ring would be silver I added a touch of 9ct red gold to bring out this warmth. The high sides of the setting are designed to protect the relatively soft pearl which is riveted into the ring using the existing drill hole.

In the end we opted for a fusion of designs A & B, squaring the corners of the box holding the pearl and making the setting entirely out of red gold.


Soldering the gold setting onto the silver ring was a tricky process. The whole thing needed to be kept square and parallel or the two sides wouldn’t grip the pearl correctly. After a bit of trial and error I rigged something up on a honeycomb soldering block that kept it all in line so that I could solder the two metals together.

A bit of cleaning up followed that before I could polish the ring (to bring out the hammer marks on the silver) and check the fit of the pearl with a piece of wire:

Once it was riveted into place the pearl sat perfectly within the red gold ‘box’ setting and balanced the ring nicely. It’s a neat, geometric solution to using a pearl from a necklace and I love that I’m allowing inherited jewellery to continue to be used and enjoyed.

Finished Ring: