Three Choirs Festival, Worcester 2011

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This week I’ve been heading back and forth to Worcester for the Three Choirs Festival. The Worcestershire Guild of Craftsmen have a marquee in the cathedral grounds and it’s such a beautiful setting!

The show consists of work from the Worcestershire Guild, Hereford Guild and Cotswold Guild, presenting an excellent variety of contemporary craft work from the region.

Some of the highlights include:

Cermacist Rachel Padley makes the most beautful use of some seriously vibrant glazes across neat, practical forms (and I might have to bring home some tiny little bowls for the workshop …)

but if I could bring something from the show home? It’s be one of these, expressive little pieces from jeweller Judith Price who makes solft, organic forms while still retaining an air of precision.

The show is on until Saturday – so don;t miss the chance to come on down and say hello …

The morning after …

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These past two days in Birmingham have been very subdued.

The nights, obviously, have made global headlines what with rioting, looting and violence breaking out in pockets across the city … but the days that follow them are odd.

There’s a quiet air of wariness about the place, people are very aware that they’ll probably be locking up again at 2pm and heading home -resigned to the fact that for the sake of safety the violent minority have won for another night.


It’s nothing on what’s been happening in London but it’s still needless, distressing and really shouldn’t be a part of life in the 21st Century.

The New Fly Press

Bella, meet the world.

World, meet Bella.

She arrived in the studio back in the spring but its taken a long while to find someone to make some new pieces for her (I, sadly, do not have an engineer’s lathe):

and to get her bolted down to the worktop (a big thank you to Mr W for being braver than me and using the scary DIY drill)

*ta-da* She’s ready to go! Tomorrow I shall go on a hunt for some rubber samples, which I’ll need for making my own press tools in the next few weeks …