Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Someone as cynical as I am really shouldn’t get swept up in the rampant commercialism that is a 21st Century Halloween.

But I do. Every year I fall for it hook, line and sinker and host a pumpking carve. And, shamelessly, I love it. Normally my pumkpins tend towards the cute:

But this year, finding myself with an extra pumpkin, I set out to master scary. Apparently (so Mr Williams says) teeth are key in a high scariness factor and he can do a scary pumpkin. The first sketch came out looking a little Arkham Asylum – which is okay, since it’s Halloween after all.

Then I roughtly carved in the teeth and eyes with a big old kitchen knife and a tool that I originally made for carving wax casting models. I never expected it to come in handy when I forged it back in university:

Not bad eh? Definitely not cuddly now. I helped the look along with a craft knife and a little creative dentistry:

Et voila:

I still think it looks far too cute to be properly scary … kind of like a stunned piranha. Hm, maybe next year.

Winter News

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The nights are drawing in and I’ve just finished a quite hectic few weeks of shows and planning for Christmas. With snowflakes in full production and lots and lots of Flotsam Earrings to make I’ve been spending a great deal of time out in the studio:

A batch of Flotsam Earrings

So, with that in mind, here’s a quick round up of where all that work will be going:


Symphony Hall, Birmingham

12th November – 23rd December


Made by Hand

3rd – 5th December

Tredegar House, Wales



13th November – 2nd January

Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Bovey Tracey


Up Front and In the Spotlight

Leeds Craft and Design Centre

6th November – 15th January

Follow Friday – Harvest Festival

I had a stand at the Malvern Autumn Show last weekend and, while I was up in the Arts and Crafts hall, I did get a chance to have a quick stroll around the rest of the event – and these inventive displays amazed me.

Malvern Autumn Show 2010

It took me back to the Craft and Produce Shows that my village ran when I was a child. My Dad would spend days hunting for the most perfect, bruise free cooking apples on our apple tree and the whole village would smell of the WI making jam. The children would all get involved with a craft entry or two and, while I don’t think I ever really won anything, I was sad when the event stopped running a few years ago.

So, here’s a Harvest collection, in memory of the good old days:

Top Left: Tomato Tote by Tessa Thomas

Top Right: Go Veggie Apron by Total Radness

Lower Left: Green Apple Pincushion by Woolly Duck

Lower Right: Tomato Slice Studs by Foundlings Jewellery